- Benchmark guide

One of the most efficient methods of learning online marketing is benchmark. Looking at successful websites and learning their marketing strategies and techniques can upgrade your activity and add a lot to your knowledge base and capabilities. That's why, while blogging I love to analyze various websites from different industries.

Today I would like to look at the website and analyze its user interface. is an online gambling portal, offering its clients information about casino games like roulette, blackjack and slot machines, information about online casinos and more.

Here are a few insights that come to mind when looking at this website:

1. Comparison Table

The home page online casinos comparison table stands out as soon as you look at this page. Online casinos tables is a known feature in the casino portals world. It's a win-win situation for the portal and users. From the users perspective, it provides information in one, convenient space and helps users make a decision based on the most important parameters. from the portal's perspective it encourages users to click on links leading to the online casinos and thus increases conversion.

My take from this: Online portals from other industries can also benefit from such comparison tables. Basically every website that would like to offer its users a comparison between different providers can use such a table.

2. Colors

The website's colors – red, green and black are highly identifies with the casino world. Many websites use colors that are identified with their industry, thus contributing to right atmosphere. For example, many financial websites use green and blue for their design, games websites use many colors to create a colorful, merry atmosphere, websites about babies usually use soft, pastel colors, etc.

My take from this: Your website's color scheme sets the ton to its look and feel. It's extremely important to choose colors that fit your industry and topic.

3. Popular Pages

The home page features some of the more popular pages on the website. This is an important feature, offering visitors insight to pages which are popular with other visitors. Unfortunately the popular pages section is hidden at the bottom of the page. It would be advisable to locate this section at the top of the website, where new visitors can see it.

My take from this: It's important to help your users find the best, most popular content on your website.